Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aluminum Radiator

This is the aluminum radiator that I purchased last year when my XJ first started to overheat. It is still in fantastic condition and I plan to use it again.
The welds on this radiator have never leaked. Not too shabby for a $150 aluminum radiator that I purchased new on Ebay. Although it is made in China.

Here is a decent photo of the welds found on my old aluminum radiator.

This is the drain cock on the lower-passenger side of all Jeep XJ radiators.

You can see on this radiator that it is a single core. I was surprised to find a large single core instead of the more common 3 core radiators that most jeep guys use. This is the primary reason I switched to the GCI 3 core which is currently installed in my Cherokee.

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  1. This radiator is a steal for $150 – you did a great job in finding such a good item on eBay! I can see that the welds were superbly done, so you don't have to worry about leaks and problems that would cause a radiator to overheat or malfunction. Regular checkup on this item will ensure its longevity and topnotch performance.

    Jody Blake @ Radiator